Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corp. was formed as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit and was founded in 1966 as Houston Inter-Faith Housing Corp. What began as a mission to provide affordable housing to low-income seniors at three locations in Houston quickly expanded into multi-family development, property management services, and pioneering Portfolio Resident Services, our third-party supportive services entity designed to assist low to moderate income residents by improving their quality of life and to assure property owners that compliance provisions designated in the LURA are met. A resident services division was created over 15 years ago within Texas Inter-Faith Management Corp. to address the gaps within affordable housing management. This branch of service rapidly acquired service contracts from numerous apartment owners throughout Texas and ultimately Portfolio Resident Services emerged as an independent entity. The Good Neighbor Program, our signature core curriculum model, was created and it was designed to incorporate Educational Services, Family Skills, Personal Development, Health & Nutrition, Recreational Activities, and Neighborhood & Civic Involvement and Advancement. We continue to develop programs within these core categories and our experience has educated us on how to deliver quality that will have a positive impact on occupancy, resident retention, delinquency, and vandalism, but still be budget conscious for our Owners and Managers. As Portfolio Resident Services is a 501 (c) (3) the access to community support organizations is greatly enhanced. We have been building relationships for more than 15 years with organizations like United Way, CenterPoint, Local Food Banks, and Neighborhood Centers and this network continues to expand. These relationships, along with our exclusive on-site programs and instructional modules, make our effectiveness immediate and sustainable when taking on a new property at any location. Portfolio Resident Services continues to be proactive with ideas and delivery systems that promote self-sufficiency and community for optimistic outcomes.