Home is more than a floor plan … it’s an environment that’s shaped by people regardless of economics; and by promoting the idea of “community,” we initiate transformation on a broad scale.

- JOT Couch, Executive Director 2006 - 2020

Operation Back to School 2016

Art with Newspring

A Summer of Art

This summer the Newspring Center volunteered time and materials to teach the residents at Brompton Square Apartments in Houston, TX some wonderful art skills. Youth were able to create a variety of projects and experience the joy of creativity! Brompton Art Classes with Newspring  

Boys to Men Event

What if every boy learned to be a man…

UTTACK Teamwork Challenge

What if every child knew the power of teamwork…

Residents worked together with team mentors to building tire forts. It was a challenging task in the Texas heat! However, in the end, they were able to cool off with a massive water balloon fight. The kids learned a great deal about working together, and connecting with their neighbors. Many thanks to the UTTACK Team of Volunteers along with Acres of Angels, the Orion Management Team & of course our own phenomenal RSC, Troi and Director, Elvira for all your help in pulling together this amazing event!
Teamwork Challenge w/ UTTACK Teamwork Challenge w/ UTTACK Teamwork Challenge w/ UTTACK

Resident Story: Keith

Resident Story: KeithWe’d love for you to meet one of our senior resident’s in Houston, TX. This is Keith. He is in a wheelchair but you can’t tell by all the stuff he does at Big Bass Resort, for the residents and for his Good Neighbor Program coordinator.  Keith goes above and beyond, taking out everybody trash not only on his floor but all floors. He checks on people daily, he meets our resident services coordinator at the car to help her carry her things in.

He truly has the heart of a servant and makes an impact in everyone’s life. Keith is a big part of every activity at Big Bass Resort.  Keith is one of the many things that make Big Bass Resort a home for all the residents. We are so thrilled to be able to pour in to the life of residents like Keith, by providing resources, fun activities and opportunities to learn and connect with their neighbors.  

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