We are very pleased to have been featured in Baylor Universities” Texas Hunger Initiative” Newsletter:

Portfolio Resident Services: A Community Partner Case Study

By Brianna Gaddis, Americorps VISTA

The Community Partner Program is a network of community based organizations with the common goal of increasing access to benefits through YourTexasBenefits.com. Portfolio Resident Services is one of these Community Partners. They have Resident Service Coordinators at 70 low-income apartment complexes who provide enriching activities for the residents. In March of this year, Portfolio Resident Services decided that the Community Partner Program should be fully implemented at all of their sites as a way to close the gap between state benefits programs and the low-income individuals that they serve.

I have had the opportunity over the last several months to meet with more than thirty Portfolio Resident Services Coordinators across North Texas. Each coordinator works part-time at their site, but many invest hours of their own time into their programming. They have been overjoyed to participate in the Community Partner Program as it gives them one more way to meet their residents’ needs. One coordinator in a rural location told me “I feel so empowered at my complex now” while another coordinator in Dallas said he was excited about “this stellar opportunity to provide more to our community.”